Mr.Noor Muhammed Sait

Our Director Mr. Noor Muhammed Sait, he is more than breath to organization, who have a never fade vision and a good business etiquette. Doing business is nothing it’s about how you make perceptions and how you persuade things, he is a handbook for all of it. In 1994 when BCPL started as Private limited company mostly into direct marketing was a an obvious risk as it was a new industry in Kerala. With his adorable management skills BCPL touched the stars within a few year. Unfortunately the industry went down on 1998 he had a strong desire to survive. He reformed his organization in short span of time and started out a new episode of business excellency by starting first home appliances showroom in Kerala which was the second in all over India. It simply proves how this leader capable of handling any kind of crisis. After entering into modular kitchen industry the organization never turned back. BCPL is planning root up into other verticals with his top end managerial visions and it will be a cake walk hopefully considering the current growth.